• Bear Insurance
    Lloyd's Broker since 1932
  • Bear Insurance Brokers
    Bear Insurance Brokers Ltd is incorporated in England and Wales and
    is based in the City of London. Set up by an underwriting member of
    Lloyd’s in 1932, it has been a Lloyd’s broker for over 85 years.

    Bear Insurance Brokers Ltd is registered in England and Wales under
    number 00270300 and authorised and regulated by the Financial
    Conduct Authority. Our FRN is 311700.
  • We are the best for your business!
    Bear Insurance Brokers Ltd operates as an independent Lloyd’s broker in strict
    accordance with its terms of business which it is happy to provide on request.
    We strive to represent our clients’ best interests in the market, securing the
    broadest possible coverage available at competitive rates.
    We have decades of experience in various lines of business and constantly
    improve it to be able to share the knowledge with our clients.
    We have a unique approach where we strive to meet all our clients face to
    face to review their needs and requirements.


Bear Insurance Brokers specialise in aviation and other commercial lines of business and provide insurance and reinsurance services direct to consumers, brokers, insurers and reinsurers throughout the world. We have trading relationships with important aviation insurers in both the London Market and in other major global insurance centres and we also provide services in respect of professional indemnity, directors and officers liability, international property risks, international casualty risks, cargo risks and all types of reinsurance. Bear are fully committed to providing our clients with solutions tailored to their needs, and offer a face to face approach in handling their business. We always try to meet each and every client in person. Through its considerable network of contacts Bear Insurance Brokers can approach many international markets including Lloyd’s of London, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, CIS, India and China.

What We Offer


We can help agricultural producers access crop insurance products and livestock insurance can be provided to any farm or animal holding.

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Aviation Insurance

Aviation risks are extremely complex and require a wealth of expertise. We have a dedicated team of experienced insurance professionals who can manuscript solutions for airline customers.

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Cargo Insurance

The purpose of various cargo insurance products is to cover loss or damage to goods in transit by any means of transport including while in storage.

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Engineering Insurance

Engineering insurance provides various covers to construction and erection projects, machines and equipment in operation, loss of profit, liability.

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Motor Treaty

The cover provided is the same as for a single vehicle except that with the treaty multiple cars are under one umbrella policy.

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Professional Indemnity

We are a specialist broker of Professional Indemnity Risks specialising in providing advice and placement services to professionals.

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Property Insurance

Property insurance provides financial reimbursement to the owner or tenant of a building and its contents in the event of damage or theft.

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Property Treaty

The cover provided is the same as for a single property except that with the treaty multiple properties are under one umbrella policy.

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Reinsurance is usually defined as a financial transaction aiming to transfer the insured risk or a part of the insured risk from primary insurer (Reinsured) to another risk carrier (Reinsurer).

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