Reinsurance is usually defined as a financial transaction aiming to transfer the insured risk or a part of the insured risk from primary insurer (Reinsured) to another risk carrier (Reinsurer). Primarily, reinsurance is a tool to minimise exposure to capital losses from sizable risks, stabilize financial results over the years, manage risk accumulation and to provide additional risk based capital.

We are helping primary insurers to get reinsurance protection from major and specialised capacity providers depending on their particular needs. Through its considerable network of contacts Bear Insurance Brokers can approach many international markets including Lloyd’s of London, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, India and China.

We are fully committed to providing our clients with solutions fully tailored to their needs, and offer a face to face approach in handling their business. We always try to meet each and every client in person.

Treaty reinsurance

Treaty reinsurance insures a portfolio of risks under one single cover. This solution provides the insurer with a freedom to underwrite on pre-agreed terms and conditions and therefore requires trust between the parties.

Facultative reinsurance

Facultative reinsurance covers a single risk and can be used for large, complex or exceptional risks. Usually the Reinsurer is heavily involved in the risk assessment and underwriting.


Retrocession is a subsequent transfer of the risk or part of the risk to the next risk carrier (Retrocessionaire).